Catch Me If You Can, 2011, ca. 7 minutes.


The attempt to create a short film with a narrative with scenes from 5-6 movies (more or less on the basis of the novel "The invisible man" by H. C. Wells) that were aired between 1933-1952. All in black and white. The excerpts, where "nobody is doing something" from the films were arranged collage-like to induce the strip with a story, needles to say, that could never work, but here's the story:

Three people enters a house (one from the air and one might be a woman, one (the first?) is defenitliy a bad guy), each person has a smoke (from three different movies, each has a glass of wine (each time a new glass from the same tray), they get together around the fire place (maybe the woman is lying on the sheep rug, according to the male gaze), they decide to play cards. One is cheeting, the others get mad, there is suddenly anxiety in the air, the culprit pulls his gun, threatens the others. He shoots one. The other is put down with a figurine to her/his head (she/he falls backwards over in his leaning/rocking chair), the villain leaves the room, now alone again, and with a last smoke leaves the house to drive into the forest (in two or three different cars) and the film ends, as the car comes to an unexplained, sudden stop in front of a sign that says: Berlin 25km.


Below, please see screen shots from the film:








Down the Line, 2012, 1:08, Loop, Soundtrack composed by Lorenz Dangl


This film is a sort of a spin off from the film presented above. The scenes for this little short are also taken from the films described above, but they are entire other ones, the content completely diferent.

In this film it is portrayed how a women and men, get dressed and undressed each day, slightly stressy, underlined by the music by Lorenz Dangl but also with an air of carelessness. But it is a loop, and it continues in a seemingly eternity, which makes it more and more dificult although the film is beautiful and whimisical.


Below, please see screnn shots from the film:



getting dressed:



getting undressed:

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