So ist es - und anders (eine Untersuchung der Unterflächlichkeit), Martin Asbæk Gallery, Copenhagen, 2016

"Fat bottomed girls make the rockin' world go round", Collage made from advertisement posters, where the center of attention has been cut out and the rest of the ad (the background) has been mounted continously more apart, so that the center of attention is firmly pulled out of proportions! 2016

Ex Biblia, coloured-in ink and graphite on engravings from an old danisch bible, 2015/16

Interference, 2016, Collage of pages torn from magazines on wood, acrylic paint.

"Shakespeare-Collagen", 2016, Collages from a portfolio (19th cent.) of 36 engravings each representing one of the remaining Shakespeare plays.




"Twisted", People from advertisment posters, rolled up in weird and awkward shapes, 2016

Collages, 2106, a pseudo-scientific analysis of three danish magazines, Euroman, Eurowoman and Q. The patches were cut out of the magazines, where there were no text (with my no more valid social security card), and arranged on the paper from light (upper left) to dark (lower right).. The male magazine has very manz black and white patches and could fill the page. The womens magazine hat a lot less black, more soft colour and (of course ?) less "free spaces", hence less patches. The magazine Q, which is for woman whose weighs somewhat more, the colours went entirely into the pale area, almost no strong colours and I think that says alot. At some point i will write a text about this.





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